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We’re teaming up on tech to win

Join our national collective of progressive organisations

Who is ProgressiveTech?

Progressive Tech is a growing national collective of progressive organisations - non profits, unions, vendors, agencies and grassroots groups - building the digital and tech capability of the progressive movement to campaign and organise.

Progressive Tech Network

Joining Progressive Tech will tap you into a community of over 120 tech, digital and communication practitioners across the progressive movement.

How we will do it

  1. Building a community practicing great digital and tech together
  2. Delivering practical training to level up our tech and digital skills
  3. Solving tech and digital challenges through peer to peer coaching
  4. Creating a library of shared resources and research
  5. Investing in better progressive tech products through research, product development and building strategic partnerships

Upcoming Trainings and Events

We are running events and training sessions for progressive campaigners, organisers, comms whizzes, and techies.

ProgTech acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the stolen lands on which we work. We pay respect to First Nations elders past, present and emerging - sovereignty has never been ceded, and the process of colonisation continues today. We are committed to supporting the leadership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the progressive space.

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